The right decision can change everything.

The right decision can change everything.

Sometimes, all we need is a little help
to make an informed financial decision.
That help is here...and it's free.
We believe

We believe that informed consumers are powerful consumers.

Because many people pay too much for borrowing, take on too much debt, fail to save enough, or otherwise make decisions that negatively affect their credit score, we know that improvement can be made.

We’re out to tilt the odds back in favour of the consumer – one decision at a time.


What we do

Partnering with financial services providers, we help consumers make better financial decisions everyday.

  1. We clearly define those sometimes intimidating financial buzzwords – and describe what they really mean to you
  2. We provide SecondOpinion – a decision support suite available to our members 24/7
  3. We link you with licensed financial professionals who are ready to offer 1:1 support – we’re completely dedicated to helping Canadians make better financial decisions.
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Together members benefit from:

  1. Free, 24/7 access to SecondOpinion – to help you take charge of your financial future, one decision at a time
  2. Customized mortgage offers (and rates) –  specifically designed by licensed professionals, to meet their  specific needs
  3. Valuable money-saving incentives and intelligence on insurance for home, car, travel, and life
  4. Preferred rates on loans – for cars, personal lines of credit, or other services

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