About Us

We help business leaders get the best deals in equipment finance.

We’re committed to helping business owners, entrepreneurs, owner-operators, CFO’s, office managers, controllers, and project managers by:

  • Helping get the very best equipment finance rates and support in their market or beyond
  • Connecting them with experienced professionals who can quickly understand their business, find the best rates, the terms that make the most sense, at the lowest fees

Most financial services professionals do a great job with the ‘4-P’s’ of marketing (Product, Pricing, Promotion, Place/Distribution).

Together Financial extends these basic marketing capabilities by applying KPI-and process discipline to go well beyond these 4P’s, to develop a reliable revenue-marketing framework.  By re-defining prospects based on behaviours, aptitudes, and abilities-to-engage, we increase the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and layer-in elements such as productivity, story telling, brand-integration, data management, and in-market qualification.

We take an ‘always on’ approach to prospect engagement and qualification – identifying which are the likeliest to buy, and developing individualized marketing strategies that accelerate these highly desirable prospects to become ready for closure – sooner.

Our professional consultants are marketers.  They bring you a unique depth of experience and training in marketing, sales, marketing automation, and social media platforms – while working seamlessly with your team – we add marketing horsepower to your team when you need it.

Together Financial is a division of Simone Group – a revenue marketing agency founded in 2005 by James Simone. Our mission is to give Canadian financial services providers a market-exclusive, competitive advantage by sourcing, engaging, and nurturing buy/give-ready consumer and commercial prospects.

We’ve driven over $300M of incremental profit opportunity for our clients, and have solutions that can align-with, and power the pipeline growth of any financial services provider, for any product.

We bring years of practical revenue marketing experience, advanced training, and certifications in strategic, direct, social media, and search marketing to engage precise client profiles and new business to you.

  • KPI-driven, and entirely focused on revenue generation and acceleration.
  • You get results. We don’t waste your time or your money.
  • Always confidential and aligned with your regulatory and compliance requirements.

You have my word on it.
James Simone - Senior Partner of Simone GroupJames Simone




James Simone, MBA
Senior Partner – Together Financial

Edmonton: 780.851.9988
Calgary: 403.796.5172