Banks can be tough…and that’s OK.

banks not able to provide financingIt’s no secret that banks can be tough suppliers of capital to entrepreneurs.

Some of it is common-sense due diligence – stuff like reviews of your financial statements and business plans.

Their reputation for toughness comes as a result of their own risk-aversion and laser-focus on generating market-anticipated returns.

…and that’s OK.  In fact, if you’re a shareholder, it’s pretty good, as big-6 bank stocks tend to be stable investments over time.

But it still hurts when they take weeks to approve a financing application that itself probably took a few weeks to whip into presentable shape.

You’re not tied to the banks.

If you’re searching for financing – equipment financing, a commercial mortgage, a loan, or any other form of financing, you do have options.

Completing the form below accelerates your search for financing – by getting experienced lenders in the market immediately on your team – you’ll get professional help packaging your application for an aggressive hunt for an affordable financing solution.

Your application will be presented to banks, trust companies, credit unions, mortgage corporations, leasing investment and/or mortgage investment corporations, finance companies and even individual private investors.

…in the timeframe that your business needs.

Typical experiences of entrepreneurs who’ve gone this route for financing include:

“It was easier, and quicker than I thought.  Yeah, I’d do it again.”

“I wasn’t left in the dark waiting for a decision.”

“I got the equipment lease application approved the following day, and the funds advanced two days later.”

“The terms were reasonable.”

Once your application is complete, you’ll get a good sense immediately if you’ll qualify, and for how much.  Then, through a combination of electronic and personal searches, the ideal finance package is put together – fast.

Why not get started now?